Texas Hold’em Secrets – How Starcraft Made Me a Poker Champion

Even if you know what Starcraft is or not, you need to know these Texas Holdem secrets about how it can make you a poker champion in the blink of an eye.

In this Texas Holdem Secrets article, I will explain how a StarCraft computer game made me really good at poker. Even if you don’t like computer games, you will understand that, so bear with me.

So, what is StarCraft?

StarCraft is a computer game. It is a real time strategy game where you have workers who earn money, so you build an army and have to kill your enemy who is trying to kill you. That’s it in its most basic form, but there is really more to it than that.

Because it’s important

StarCraft is important because it trains you in almost all the skills necessary to become a good poker player. Another little secret, ssh, don’t tell anyone QQ Online, is that you can’t play Holdem all the time. Just fry your brain. So it’s good to ‘shift gears’ to something else for a while. And what better thing to change gears than something that is secretly training you for Holdem too?

1 – Strategy

StarCraft is all about strategy. You need a strategy, you have to learn all the strategies and, most importantly, once in the game your strategy will change depending on what happens (and what your enemy does). This is exactly like Holdem, it is scary.

2 – Decisions in real time

StarCraft is really fast, man. You have to play at the speed of light. Poker looks like a slug step compared to that. This is great because your brain learns to make decisions in real time very quickly and to calculate things very fast. Then, when you return to playing Holdem, all decisions and ideas become much easier.

3 – Be Flexible

In StarCraft, you must continually change the way you play. For example, if you decide that you are going to build a lot of zerglings (a crazy and fast alien that eats you), but your enemy builds helions (a tank that shoots a flamethrower), you cannot continue because in the game the zerglings die very easily to fire. So you have to adapt.

If you were like, ‘No, I decided I want to build zerglings, so this is what I’m doing’, you will simply lose. Therefore, the requirement to be flexible forces you to learn this skill. So in Holdem, you can more easily change playing styles and strategies in relation to what your opponent is doing.

4 – Assess your opponents

In Starcraft you have to explore your enemy base – watching them – and see what they are up to. Sometimes you can’t see everything, but you have to work with everything you have. It’s just like playing poker, it’s scary. Only this ability to discover someone’s strategy from small pieces of information will make them a better poker player.

5 – Know the game

To be successful at StarCraft, you literally need to know the game inside and out. You have to know each unit, what wins what, which buildings build which units, etc. You cannot win without knowing all the different strategies and knowing the telltale signs of those strategies.

In a nutshell, this is poker. Enough said.

I’m sure that as you read this article, you become more aware of the more refined and subtle skills that make a great Holdem player just that, great. All the secrets of Texas Hold’em in the world cannot train you in these necessary skills – you have to go out and practice on your own. But the real secret is that you don’t need to play Holdem specifically. There are other things in your life that you can do to “train in the background”.

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