You Are Five Words Away From Network Marketing Success

Do you realize that it isn’t your Network Marketing opportunity that is causing people to head for the hills when they see you, but that it is you?

Harsh words, I know.

Put yourself in your prospects shoes and visualize the following: You are standing at a function having a drink, eating a snack, and talking to a few guys about sport or ballet or whatever. Out of the corner of your eye you see me approaching you guys and you wonder who this guy is. He is probably someone who likes sport or ballet because that is what your group is talking about. I push into the circle and everyone looks at me so I can introduce myself and I say corporate clothing

“Hi guys, my name is Theunis and I have a great business opportunity I want to share with you. Would you be interested in looking at it today at 5pm or tomorrow morning at 9am?”

There are so many things screwed up with that it is just not true. However, it happens everyday with new network marketers because they never get trained to build relationships with people. The process is really simple but the execution is hard. Here is the sequence of events:

Get to meet people every day, in person and over the social media websites;
Build a relationship with them, note that this is more than saying hello but it involves time and effort;
When you converse with them carefully listen for any keywords that will indicate there is an opening to talk to them about changing their situation;
Again, don’t lead with your opportunity but lead with the fact that what you have can help them change their life and their current situation whatever it may be, lack of money or time, a layoff, a divorce, etc;

Now here are the five words that will help you make a fortune:

“I have found a way…..”

Then you add in something like:

“…to make money when people pay their electricity bills.”
“…to earn more money part time than what my husband is earning full time.”
“…to go on vacations to Disney world twice a year.”

The options are endless and only limited by your vision.

Very few people will be able to resist a phrase like that. Now don’t get all blubbery with excitement when they ask you what you are talking about. Trying to explain your business now will kill your opportunity. Set an appointment with them and show them all of the information about your business so that they can make an educated decision based on facts about joining you or not.

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