Free Bets: Get Involved With Spread Betting Without Spending a Penny

The traditional structure of betting asks for a prediction of an outcome. These conclude with you winning a fixed amount of money in accordance with the odds, or losing your bet. However, spread betting works in a slightly different way. With this method, bookmakers will reward players for the accuracy of their bet and punish for miscalculations. So how can you use your free bets in spread betting?

The concept of spread betting is far simpler than you would expect. It begins with the bookmaker predicting the ‘spread’ of a certain statistic in an event. The bettor will then decide whether they believe this prediction is too high or too low LSM99.

For example in a football match, a bookmaker may set a ‘spread’ on the number of corners in at eight and nine. Therefore, they are predicting that there will be between eight and nine corners during the game. From here you can estimate whether there will be more or less than the ‘spread’ suggests.

If you believe there will be more than nine corners in the game, you will ‘buy’ at nine. Alternatively, if you think the number of corners will be less, you will ‘sell’ at eight. You then place your stake and watch the action unfold.

Once the game has finished, you will have the final statistic on the number of corners. If there were 12 corners during the game and you bought at nine, you will win the deficit of the three extra corners multiplied by your stake. Therefore, if you placed a £10 stake you will win £30.

However, if there were fewer than nine, you would lose your stake times however many less corners. In the event you bought at nine and there were only five, corners you would lose four times your stake.

Of course spread betting isn’t just limited to football. It’s also available across a number of sports including rugby, golf and motor racing; and is very popular in the financial market.

The amount in free bets offered by bookmakers vary from £10 all the way to £200, which could provide a considerable amount of low-risk practice. Nevertheless, always take into consideration that some bookmakers will only offer free bets in co-operation with matching your first cash deposit.

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