Free Spanish TV Online – You Should Know These Two Sites

Watching Spanish TV is one of the best methods to learn Spanish. Thanks to the Internet, many Spanish TV stations upload their videos online. You can use these videos to improve your Spanish skills. In this article I’m going to show you the websites of two Spanish TV Stations.


RTVE (Spanish Radio and Television Corporation) is a Spanish public television which was officially introduced in Spain in 1956. They have a huge media library (main site > Portada > Videos / audios) with a lot of different videos – news, sport news, TV series, documentaries. There’s also TVE Catalunya with Catalan programs if you are learning Catalan.

What’s more, RTVE provides TVE a la Carta (main site > Portada > TVE a la Carta), which consists of new series and programs from the past seven days. There are cartoons, talk shows, documentaries. These videos don’t include subtitles, so if your Spanish isn’t that good, start with the programs for the kids which have easier vocabulary. Only one program, which is En lengua de signos, provides subtitles because it’s for the deaf AM FM Radio Spain.

Many programs last at least 20 minutes and some last even about 60 minutes.


La Sexta (The Sixth) is a Spanish private television which began broadcasting in 2006. Most of the videos which are uploaded on their site (click on the Sexta TV button) are TV shows. There are not so many informative programs as on RTVE site.

La Sexta doesn’t have as many programs online as RTVE does. Also, these programs are shorter. However, most of them are funny and that’s what can make watching La Sexta more effective than watching RTVE. Learning while having fun is the best way of learning! Unfortunately, none of these programs have subtitles.

Most of the programs last about a few minutes so it’s easier to watch them a few times in a row. I suggest to start with the short ones (about a minute) and watch them a few times to get used to the fast manner of speaking.

The best way to learn from TV is to watch videos at least a few times. It should greatly improve your listening skills as well as speaking skills. If you don’t understand these videos, try with the easier ones, for example the programs for the kids. But don’t be discouraged if you don’t understand some words even in the programs for the kids. Unless you are perfect in Spanish there will be always some words which you won’t understand.

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